Utility Service Forms and Information

Online forms and applications are available to be filled out and submitted at the links below. If you would prefer to download, print, and email back the form or application the instructions and downloadable forms are further below. Please contact City Hall with any questions (864) 638-4343

City of Walhalla Water Department 6 month Payment Plan Terms, Conditions and Agreement.

Balance Effective Period March 17, 2020 – July 24, 2020

Final date to apply and first payment is due on or before August 12, 2020

No late applications or payments will be accepted.


The City of Walhalla is offering customers with a delinquent water account the opportunity to apply for a payment plan to pay off over a six (6) month period any accumulated charges during the effective period due the current COVID-19 situation.

  • No late fees will be charged and no disconnection of service will occur during the duration of this 6 month payment plan as long as the payments are made on or before the 10th of each month for the duration of the plan.
  • The plan includes the current monthly bill plus the balance owed divided into 6 installments beginning August 12, 2020.
  • August 12, 2020 will be the 1st payment and will continue through January 10th, 2021 being the final payment on the predetermined amount or before, if the balance is paid in full prior to that date.
  • Payment plans do NOT cover any new monthly bills, charges, fees, etc. and all new bills are due and payable on or before the due 10th of each month along with that months installment payment.
  • Payment plans will automatically cancel if payment installment AND/OR current bills are not paid on or before the due date of each month.
  • Customers will need to sign and agree to the terms and conditions in the office of City Hall.
  • Failure to APPLY for a Payment Plan will result in late fees and disconnection of service after August 12, 2020
  • Failure to make the scheduled payments for a Payment Plan will result in the Payment Plan being declared null and void and the customer will become subject to late fees and disconnection of service for the unpaid balance of charges incurred after the Plan ends.
  • Customer must come to City Hall at 206 North Church St in Walhalla to apply for the payment plan in person with their State Issued photo ID
  • Any questions should be directed to our office at 864-638-4343 between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.


– Download the Water Service Contract on the Right
– Complete the Water Service Contract
– Send a copy of the completed contract, proof of ownership or rental contract, and a copy of your state issued ID, to walhallaoffice@gmail.com
– All residences inside city limits must pass a fire & safety inspection prior to approval (DURING CORONAVIRUS  PANDEMIC THIS INSPECTION WILL BE DONE IN THE FUTURE EVEN THOUGH THE WATER IS TURNED ON)
– You will be contacted once your account is created, and your fees will be due online at that time. The fees are as follows: Owner occupied $70, Rental units $150

– Download the Discontinuance of Service Request on the Right
– Complete the form
– Send a copy of the completed form, along with a copy of your state issued ID, to walhallaoffice@gmail.com

– Download the Utility Tap Application on the Right
– Complete the form
– Send a copy of the completed application to walhallaoffice@gmail.com
– For new sewer service, the Sewer Accessibility form will also be required. Please download (on the right) and complete the form, then return to walhallaoffice@gmail.com
– Mark the desired location for your new tap with a clearly marked flag or stake. Please let us know how you mark the location.
– You will be contacted once your application has been approved.


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