Business Licenses

Per Ordinance 1994-8, any business operating within the city limits of Walhalla is required to purchase a business license. Fees are based on the rate class associated with the North American Classification System (NAICS). Please contact our office for the correct classification of your business.


A 5% penalty per month will be added if not paid by May 1st on all businesses located within the City limits of Walhalla. All non-resident businesses coming into the city limits to work must also apply for a City of Walhalla business license. The license is based on a per job basis. Every job requires a current City of Walhalla business license or update.

New Business Application
Visit us at City Hall, 206 N Church Street or call us 864-638-4343 – Monday – Friday 8:30 am until 5:00 PM.

Renew Business License
Walhalla now offers on-line renewal through the statewide portal.

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