Planning Meeting Agenda and Documents

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission Appointment and Regulations.

Appointment and terms

  • Consist of 5 members.
  • Shall be appointed by council.
  • May not hold an elected office.
  • Terms are staggered for 4 years.
  • Council can remove a member for cause after written notice and public hearing.

Current Members

  • Chris Grant- Chair
  • William Tatum
  • Jessie Bunning
  • Regina Orr
  • Kelvin Bryant- Vice Chair


  • The planning commission shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman.
  • Recommendations, transactions, findings and determinations are recorded and are public record.
  • Shall meet at the chairman’s discretion.

(Currently the commission holds quarterly meetings.)

Planning Commission Duties

  • Relationship with Council
  • Serves as an advisory role to council.
  • Council has ultimate authority on land usage. However, no zoning amendments for the ordinance or map may be implemented without first being presented to the planning commission for a recommendation.
  • To prepare and revise, parodically, a comprehensive plan and programs for the development of the City of Walhalla. These duties include:
  • A comprehensive plan.
  • Land development regulations and maps.
  • Location, character and layout of community centers.
  • General character, extent and layout of the replanning of blighted districts and slum areas.
  • Recommend land development regulations, maps and appropriate revisions.
  • Recommend regulations for the subdivision of land and appropriate revisions.
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