Current Members

Chris Grant, Chair
Kelvin Bryant, Vice-Chair
Jessie Bunning
Regina Orr
William Tatum

2023 Meeting Schedule

January 17, 2023 at 5:30 PM – Joint Council-Planning Commission, Agenda Packet

Planning Meeting Agenda and Documents
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission Duties

Serves as an advisory role to council. Council has ultimate authority on zoning; however, no zoning amendments for the ordinance or map may be implemented without first being presented to the planning commission for a recommendation.

To prepare, revise and implement plans and programs for the development of the City of Walhalla, including the comprehensive plan; zoning ordinances and zoning district maps; regulations for the subdivision of, or development of land; a landscaping ordinance regulating the required planting, tree preservation, and other aesthetic considerations for land and structures; a capital improvements program, including an annual listing of priority projects for consideration by the City Council, and; any policies or procedures to facilitate the implementation of planning elements.

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