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Welcome to Walhalla’s newest department! The new Community Development Department incorporates specific city services under one department.

The Community Development Department is the place where property owners, builders, current and future business owners come and apply for permits and inquire about new business opportunities.


Community Development is responsible for planning and zoning administration, code enforcement, preservation, marketing and promotion, public outreach, comprehensive land use planning, and so much more. Community Development oversees and implements the following:

Development, enforcement, and administration of programs and codes that relate to the health, safety, and welfare of the City;
Planning, engagement, and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan;
Planning and implementation of promotional and marketing strategies;
Development, enforcement, and administration of land use and zoning;
Development and implementation grants and other programs to encourage small business; and
Planning and preparation of grants beneficial to the betterment of the City and its citizens.


Walhalla Municipal Code

Information and Workflow for the Community Development Team

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