Land Disturbance Permit

A Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) is required for all residential, commercial and industrial land disturbing activity, including subdivision and PUD developments, that involve the construction of new structures, infrastructure (new roads, ponds or utilities), grading and infill. No grading or other land-disturbing activity over 5,000 square feet, including the addition or installation of any impervious surface, except as exempted by § 123-16(c), shall commence without first having obtained a land disturbance permit pursuant to this section.

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A valid business license is required to perform work within City limits.
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Including, but not limited to seeding mixtures and rates, types of sod, method of seedbed preparation, expected seeding dates, type and rate of lime and fertilizer application, and kind and quantity of mulching.
An approved zoning permit is required prior to applying for a building permit.
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Max. file size: 32 MB.
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