November 17, 2020

5:30 pm.



Present:  Mayor Danny Edwards, Councilwoman Sarai Melendez, Councilman Danny Woodward, Councilman Keith Pace, Councilman Josh Roberts, and Brent Taylor, City Administrator.


Absent:  Councilman David Underwood and Councilman Dennis Owens


Guest:  Sarah Carpenter representing Walhalla Community Garden


Council recited the “Pledge of Allegiance.”


Public Input: 


Approval of MinutesOn a motion by Mr. Woodward, seconded by Mr. Pace and unanimously carried, the minutes for the regular meeting on October 20, 2020 meeting were approved.


Discussion: There was no discussion.




Ms. Sarah Carpenter made a presentation regarding a community garden planned for Spring of 2021. She said, “There is a lot of interest in this project.  I have received a lot of input on social media.”  She indicated there would be various levels of activity in the garden.  It will range from individual plots to shared spaces. She said, “It will take about $5,500 to get the garden started.”  This includes building the beds, planting seeds and providing water.  She wanted to know if the City could assist with providing water and being an agency to help with getting grants.


Reading of Resolutions and Ordinances:



Mr. Roberts made a motion to approve ORDINANCE 2020-16 PROVIDING OF THE ELECTION OF MAYOR PRO-TEMP AND ESTABLISHING COMMITTEES DUTIES AND OTHER MATTERS RELATED THERETO The motion was seconded by Mr. Pace and was carried unanimously.


Discussion:  There was no discussion.




Discussion:  There was no discussion.


Mr. Roberts made a motion to approve ORDINANCE 2020-18 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE BUSINESS LICENSE ORDINANCE FOR THE CITY OF WALHALLA The motion was seconded by Ms. Melendez and was carried unanimously.


Discussion:  The Mayor said, “Hopefully this will encourage new businesses to come into the City because we have lowered the amount they will have to pay.”


Mr. Roberts made a motion to approve ORDINANCE 2020-19 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK- The motion was seconded by Mr. Pace and was carried unanimously.


Discussion:  The Administrator explained there would be an option for the Department Head to allow employees who work on a holiday to either receive time off or be paid for working the day.  A new employee may want the time because he/she hasn’t built enough leave to take a vacation.  This will assist the Police Department to not having to pay overtime to cover a shift because an officer is taking the hours off, he/she accrued working the holiday.  The Mayor said, “There will be another reading on this.”



Discussion of Fireworks


Ms. Libby Imbody stated we are on track for the Christmas Parade on December 5, 2020.  The Mayor asked about balancing safety vs. events during the COVID pandemic.  Staff replied, We will be encouraging mask wearing and social distancing.  Ms. Melendez asked, “How many have signed up?”  Ms. Imbody stated, “About 20 thus far.”  The Administrator said, “About 50 participated last year.”  The Mayor stated, “We should consider not allowing candy to be thrown by parade participants.  This is a safety issue even before the COVID outbreak.”  Ms. Imbody suggested we could give out candy bags in lieu of that.”   Ms. Melendez said, “I agree with holding it, but we really need to emphasize with signage to keep people six feet apart and to wear a mask.”  The Mayor directed staff to come up with a plan.


Discussion ensued about fireworks.  Mr. Pace stated, “I hate Mr. Owens isn’t hear to be involved in the discussion.  I’m leery about spending a lot of money that is going to be blown up and I’m not sure the businesses will benefit from it.”  Ms. Imbody said, “Most business will be closed during the parade anyway.  I don’t see how they would benefit from fireworks The Mayor said, “Stumphouse event is going to need to be funded to make that happen.  I think this could be better event for the merchants.” Mr. Woodward stated,” I agree something like that would be better.  I think we should hold off on it.”


Ms. Imbody stated, “We aren’t doing “Breakfast with Santa” due to the uptick in the virus.  It will be virtually impossible to keep people six feet apart.


Other Business:


Committee Reports:


Fire/Codes:  Mr. Pace reported the Department had


159 calls for service.
88 Fire calls

42% of the time on multiple calls
71 Medical Rescue
37 Incidents of mutual aid
62 Inside the City
97 Outside
Spent 407 hours on incidents an average 45 minutes.


Staff trained for over 141 hours.  One more employee received their EMT certification.

17 business were inspected by the Fire Marshall and received 18 pre-plans.


Codes and Zoning 9 violations are being addressed.  3 zoning verifications and 3 zoning permits

Performed aerial testing on Platform 5.  Will be conducting ladder testing.  We are working on updating our safety plan.


Updated on the most recent storm damages and response.


Discussed the new International Building Codes.


General Govt/Finance: 

Mr. Roberts reported:


  • Main St. Coordinator Libby Imbody gave an update on Main St. programs. She discussed recent and future events.  Also, the City’s acceptance into the Main St. Accreditation program.
  • We reviewed and recommended to full council ordinances amendments regarding electing Mayor Pro-Tempore, selection to committees, and conducting of meetings.
  • Reviewed and recommended an ordinance to change the Employee Handbook regarding Holiday Pay.
  • Discussed the City implementing employee evaluations.



Public Works:

Ms. Melendez reported:


From October 1 through October 31 the department collected


207 tons of residential garbage

92 tons of commercial garbage

79 tons of recycled brush

5 tons of C&D waste

38 Mattresses which is 2 loads and 2 tons



Delivered 20 Roll carts and collected 6.


The Department cleared debris from the storm and barricaded areas that needed closure.  They continue to working on trimming trees and branches on sidewalks around town.  Assisted with set up and take down at several events.




Ms. Melendez reported:


Soccer All-Star practice has begun.  Games start this week.


Basketball registration ends Nov. 6.  Practice is scheduled to begin Dec. 1.


Discussed using the Old Academy Gym more because it is a bigger gym which will make it easier for social distancing.


Discussed the progress in recreation and how it relates to the County’s contribution to the City.


She wants to have a meeting to discuss future allocations to Parks and Recreation.



Mr. Woodward reported the committee received the following information:

Department had


39 Incidents

22 Arrest

276 tickets

4 collisions

972 calls for service
281 extra patrols


Chief Brinson reported the department participated in several Main St. events and Upstate Children’s Center career day.  Officer Sanders won the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative Officer of the Year and Officer Martizabel Reyes is officer of the quarter.


Also discussed the benefits of reducing overtime cost through Holiday Pay.





Mr. Pace reported the committee:


We were updated on testing of the new water plant.


We were updated on Cane Creek Sewer Project.


We were updated on new meters and approved getting a back-up collector.


Consider hiring more people for the sewer.


Discussed the effects of the power outages.



Mayor Comments


The Mayor stated he asked Scott Parris to give him a list of employees in his department and what their responsibilities are.  We need this when we can get the committee together.  He also wants to look at the Police budget.


Mr. Roberts made a motion and seconded by Mr. Pace to go into executive session.  Council returned from executive session with no action taken.



Brent Taylor, City Administrator

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